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The India Christian Fellowship started in the late sixties. As far as we know the some of the CSI (Church of South India) members came to Chicago in 1968. Among them were Mr. Isaac Wilson, Mr. Isaac Livingston and Mr. Isaac Johnson, and their mother Mrs. Chellamma Devadasan and their subsequent families from Tamil Nadu. After that Mr. Alex and Kunjukunjamma, sister of CSI Bishop Late Sam Mathew, Dr. Deena Deyalu, and Samuel and Suseela Poulose came to Chicago. They decided to have a worship service and started about the middle of 1970 at the residence of Mr. Isaac Wilson, at 1826 S. Harrison Street, Apt. 402, Chicago, IL 60612. Mr. Isaac Johnson helped many by giving rides to work after the church service.

Rev. Meleth J. Thomas (Rev. M. J. Thomas) came to Chicago and took the leadership of this church; and within a year’s time, they started worship in a church at the corner of Ashland and Harrison. News spread locally and in Kerala which led to more members joining. This included are Dr. Nandhan from Andhra, and Samuel Johnson from Kerala (1973), Mr. & Mrs. Thilakam and Samuel James from Tamil Nadu were the other members at that time. Worship service was in English.


Rev. Dr. M. J. Thomas.

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