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After a few years, both vicars completed their studies and had to go back to their diocese. Fortunately, at that time, another pastor Rev. George Isaac from Vellore Medical college came for higher studies and Samuel Johnson came to know about him from John Mathew (Babu) and informed that to the committee and the committee requested him to conduct the worship service and accepted him as the pastor in charge. Soon after we communicated the committee's decision to Rev. Isaac, we received a letter from the Rt. Rev. M. C. Mani, the bishop of the Central Kerala Diocese, stating that Rev. Christopher Kurian was coming to a seminary for higher studies. So, the committee requested him to be the associated pastor and he agreed.
After a while, the members found the worship time is inconvenient to majority of them. Children had to go to school the next morning, they were not getting enough rest and needed more time on Sunday evening. Hospital employees expressed their inconvenience. 

So, the church committee decided to look for another church for a Sunday morning service. 

In the early 1980s other denominations like Marthomite, Orthodox and others started their own church. On March 11, 1984, the CSI members also decided to have a CSI Church. On March 18, 1984, they started their first CSI service under the name of CSI Congregation of Greater Chicago, at 835 W. Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613. Rev. Dr. Ninan Mathew and Rev. Dr. K. K. Cherian were the Vicars at that time. 

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Rev. George Isaac. CSI Family and Youth Conference, Souvenir, 1990

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Agape House Parking Lot.

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ONAM 2023

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         May 4, 2024
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